Friday, May 14, 2010

THE Exoti-Q!

Last night was the night! This was our second in a series of
"A Night Out"
events and for this event our master chef, Dave Bowers, prepared a fun filled evening of interesting items all grilled to perfection. Yes we ate skewered ostrich, alligator sausage, strips of bison, delicately prepared frogs legs and of course for the slightly squeamish we had chicken and scallops wrapped in bacon.

Wow what a night! Everyone had a great time, ate tons and the conversations went on for hours. The party finally broke up after 9:00! Stay tuned for the next event scheduled for mid July.


Marlene, Russell and Ruth Anne

Poolside with the Chef (or is it Crocodile Dundee?)

A poolside toast by the Master Chef!

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