Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An Exoti-Q!

OK, do I have your curiosity???

SO, what's an Exoti-Q!
Schelfe and Associates is proud to present our second event:

"A Night Out"

Over the past several months S&A has partnered with
Palczuk Scarbrough & Assoc. to create and plan a one of a kind Triangle event that brings the movers and shakers of the Triangle together for a fun evening of incredible food, great spirits and lots of fun. "A Night Out" this month also includes a new partner joining the team; Cresa Partners . This event will surely be a memorable occasion for years to come.
Check it out:

n original BBQ of fun fare including ostrich, alligator, vegetarian and of course chicken too!

The event being held
this Thursday evening is by invitation only and will be held at a magnificent Italian Style home in North Raleigh. Professional Chef, Dave Bowers will prepare, cook and entertain our guests for a fun filled evening.

We'll let you now how the ostrich went down.


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