Friday, July 22, 2011

Compass Pointe Spa-Pool

A few weeks ago the team at S&A installed the furnishings for the new Compass Pointe Spa Pool.  Compass Pointe is a residential development located in Leland, NC, just a short drive south of historic Wilmington, NC.  Compass Pointe is the development which our own Tim Schelfe was a designer "contestant" for the on-line reality series The Nations Next Top Model Home.  Although Tim did not snag the prize for that competition his firm was awarded the contract to design the interiors for the Pool buildings, procure the furnishings for the Pool and will soon be completing the interiors for the Compass Pointe Grand Lanai.  The Lanai will be the centerpiece of the entertainment area at Compass Pointe.

So, a few weeks ago Tim and his team delivered and set up the furnishings for the new Compass Pointe Spa Pool.  The results are spectacular and the opening of the Pool was highlighted by a grand party in which over 400 guests attended the event.

If you have an opportunity to check out Compass Pointe when visiting Wilmington please do so.  Also stay tuned for more work coming from S&A at Compass Pointe as the community flourishes.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Room with a VIEW!

The Willis Tower (formerly The Sears Tower) in Chicago has what I think may be the best view of Chicago!
For those faint at heart stop here....

Last month while visiting Chicago I had the pleasure of taking my kids to the SkyDeck level of the Willis Tower, yes the 103rd floor.  Although this is our second visit to the tower in 3 years this time we were there to see and experience the new Glass Sky Boxes the tower now has.  YES you read right; on the 103rd floor you can literally walk on air (at least is seems like you are).  You can walk out onto a 2" thick glass floor surrounded by equally thick glass walls and a glass ceiling and look straight down to the street below, just 103 stories straight down!

I have to admit it took me some time before I ventured out, but once I did the view and sensation is incredible.

So next time you're in Chicago, stop on by and test your metal at the 103rd floor!