Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NCIDQ Examination

Last weekend, I (Mary-Grace) attended the ASID Step class in preparation for the NCIDQ examination.

ASID has long recognized the key role that the NCIDQ examination plays in design practitioners’ career plans. Passage of this rigorous test signifies that hallmark of professionalism in the interior design community, and alerts the public to the expertise and experience of the designers who has met this challenge. To that end, ASID created the STEP program to provide a broad perspective of the issues and information pertinent to the NCIDQ exam.
The STEP workshop is periodically conducted nationwide and is comprised of 20 hours of instruction over a 2 ½-day period. Participants have the opportunity to experience practice exams patterned after the newest NCIDQ and, with the guidance of experienced instructors, determine which areas require further preparation.

What is NCIDQ?

The National Council for Interior Design Qualification protects public health, safety and welfare by identifying interior designers who have the knowledge and experience to create interior spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and safe.

The core purpose of NCIDQ is to protect the health, life safety and welfare of the public by establishing standards of competence in the practice of interior design.

An independent, nonprofit organization of state and provincial credentialing bodies, NCIDQ has issued professional certificates to competent interior design professionals since 1974. Interior designers who meet NCIDQ's eligibility requirements for education and experience and pass the rigorous NCIDQ Examination are assigned a unique NCIDQ Certificate number that attests to their qualifications for employers, state regulators and the general public.

Why Hire an NCIDQ Certificate Holder?

All NCIDQ Certificate holders have been educated, trained and examined to protect public health, safety and welfare. When you hire an NCIDQ Certificate holder, you hire a professional with proven knowledge, experience and proficiency in the latest interior design principles and practices, contract documents and administration and decision-making skills.
Like the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, NCIDQ is composed of U.S. and Canadian regulatory boards—and we take our responsibility to protect the public seriously. NCIDQ Certificate holders have completed a minimum of six years of specialized education and experience and passed a rigorous, two-day exam based on NCIDQ's independent, comprehensive analysis of the profession and the daily practice of interior designers in a range of settings.

The NCIDQ Certificate meets the interior design profession's legal and regulatory standards established by 29 U.S. states and Canadian provinces as well as Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. However, unlike architecture, in most of these states and provinces the practice of interior design is unregulated. That means your greatest assurance of high qualifications is the NCIDQ Certificate.

It is more important than ever for clients and the public to expect interior design professionals to demonstrate their competency in all areas of interior design. It is not enough for a provider of interior design services to understand just the aesthetics. The designed safety of interiors for home owners, business owners or users of public and private spaces requires much more in today’s complex world.

Both Tim and Marlene hold an NCIDQ certificate. It has been a long standing goal of mine to further distinguish myself as a professional Interior Designer. Now I am eligible and plan to take the exam this October.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LED Lighting for Your Home

The latest in lighting technology is a residential recessed can light made from LED lights. Light Emitting Diodes or LED lights are a once-in-a-generation breakthrough that delivers the warmth and luxurious color of incandescent lamps along with all the cost savings and other benefits of eco-friendly LED technology.

Cree, Inc. is leading the LED lighting revolution and setting the stage to obsolete the incandescent light bulb through the use of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly LED lighting.

Here are a few great facts from Cree, Inc. you should know about LED’s:

1. You may never change another light bulb.
The LR6 lasts more than 20 years (50,000 hours) under normal use. That makes life simpler, especially in hard-to-reach installations.
2. Look at a home in a different light.
The quality of light from the LR6 is unmatched. There's no harsh glare, just warm, beautiful light.
3. The heat is off.
Unlike incandescent fixtures, the LR6 is comfortable to the touch, and it reduces the burden and cost of the air conditioning system.
4. Great light has never been so green.
The new LR6 uses 85% less energy than a conventional incandescent and less than half that of a comparable fluorescent. And unlike any fluorescent, the LR6 contains no harmful mercury.
5. Shedding light on lower costs.
Savings like these mean the LR6, in typical use, more than pays for itself in electricity savings.

LED’s are on the way to being the newest must have in homes. You'll never again have to choose between inefficient incandescents and fluorescents that contain mercury. LED lighting is safe, environmentally friendly and contains no toxic mercury.

You can choose between warm lighting, which gives a traditional and luxurious feeling that homeowners have come to expect, or cool lighting which creates an effective work environment or brings a contemporary look to a home. With Cree’s LED true color-rich light, they have all the benefits of incandescent lighting without the high energy cost or environmental impact.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Color Forecast for 2010!

It's all about the colors!
How many times have you stood at the counter of the paint store pulling your hair out as you strain to decide and ask yourself over and over "did I select the right color".
So you want to be current?
Do you want to be progressive?
Here are the 2010 color choices as predicted by our friends at Sherwin Williams.


mystery, enduring, natural

It's human instinct to seek the safety of the tribe. In today's complicated world, there's something deeply satisfying about re-exploring the world's oldest, most enduring cultures. African, Aboriginal and Native American influences are converging to create a new tribal style with a drumbeat all its own. The colors are rich and earthy, with a hint of mystery. The appeal is as natural as the elements.

Nomadic Desert SW6107

Rookwood Amber SW2817

Oceanside SW6496

Foothills SW7514

Red Tomato SW6607

Darkroom SW7083


aging, layers, artisan

A throwaway society? That's so yesterday. We're now making savvy, resourceful use of what we have, discovering untold stories in exposed, painted layers. From flea-market finds to artisan-made pieces, imperfections can lend rich character to our environments. The palette reflects the beauty of natural aging, mellowing and weathering, evoking quality materials that have stood the test of time and become heirlooms.

Interactive Cream SW6113

Gallery Green SW0015

Caribbean Coral SW2854

Sequin SW6394

Smoky Blue SW7604

Sturdy Brown SW6097


translucent, structure, sophisticated

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." That timeless wisdom from Leonardo da Vinci is now a modern mantra. Less is clearly the new more. But the aesthetic is artful rather than austere, with well-tailored lines and sheer, translucent materials that reveal shape and structure. Clarity and integrity are critical. We need to know and trust what we're bringing into our environments. The hues are calm, subtle and nuanced, with undertones that shift according to their surroundings, for easy versatility.

Whitetail SW7103

Butter Up SW6681

Magnetic Gray SW7058

Moderate White SW6140

Enigma SW6018

Serious Gray SW6256


xuberant, fresh, optimism

Tropical blooms. Sunny days. Playful exploration. It's time to take a vacation and let our cares melt away. Happy spaces are here again, bringing fresh florals, bright juicy colors and exuberant combinations. It's the kaleidoscopic spirit of the '60s married to the jewel tones of the '80s, with a global twist. Cultural influences and motifs mingle freely, creating a bohemian mosiac that sings in perfect harmony.

Fun Yellow SW6908

Summer Day SW6662

Animated Coral SW6878

Pickle SW6725

Sapphire SW6963

Verve Violet SW6979

We hope you enjoy these colors as you brighten up your home!

Schelfe and Associates, Inc.