Monday, May 24, 2010

HD EXPO Finds Volume I

3 Form

One of the really amazing products that we have used over the past few years is from a company called 3 Form. 3 Form is the leading manufacturer of award-winning, sustainable building materials and architectural hardware solutions for the Architecture + Design industry. This includes a variety of products including their innovative translucent panels which can be used as walls, dividers, sliding doors and other creative architectural solutions for both Residential and Commercial interiors. They have now expanded the line to include a variety of lighting fixtures and other components than can be easily manipulated by the end user to create a "one of a kind" design.
Check it out!

a undulating wall partition

A sculptural ceiling design

A remarkable wall treatment

or a remarkable wall that becomes a work of art!

If you get a chance check out 3 Form or come by our office and we'll see how we can put 3 Form into your life!

Friday, May 21, 2010

City Center, Las Vegas!

This week Tim traveled back to visit the always changing and never dull city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Tim was in Vegas to attend the largest annual design conference held for the Hospitality Design market called, HD EXPO 2010 (Hospitality Design, Expo). This three day event is the benchmark for all industry professionals involved in design, products and technology for the Hospitaltiy sector, whether for a Hotel, Restaurant, Clubhouse or other public or private resort type facilities. Tim spent two days on the floor meeting with manufacturers, fellow designers, industry leaders and of course finding the newest, coolest and best products available to bring to our Clients.

Over the next month Tim will provide a weekly showcase of his best finds of the show. Lookout for a Blog Post called;
HD EXPO finds...

Tim on the floor of the HD Expo.

While on this trip, Tim took sometime to explore, study and photograph some of this fantasy city. The newest digs to hit the Vegas strip is the monumental City Center project. CityCenter is a 16,797,000 square feet mixed-use, massive urban complex on 76 acres located on the Las Vegas Strip. The project was started by MGM Mirage; Dubai World became a joint partner during the project's construction phase. It is the largest privately funded construction project in the history of the United States! Wow, truly a magnificent undertaking by a cast of thousands.

Rendering of City Center

View of the Hotel and Casino "Aria"

Check out City Center to learn more of this magnificent mixed-used planned community. Where living, playing and shopping all come together....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Home Transformed!

Recently Schelfe and Associates was hired to provide the design direction for a new facade of a home in Cary. Working with the Builder S&A roughed out a few design ideas. Several sketch options were presented to the homeowner and one was chosen for the new look.

Matthews & Wade Building Company made the transformation from sketch into reality. Incredible job guys. Are hats off to Steve Wade with Matthews & Wade.

The Home in its original design!

The Home transformed!

Friday, May 14, 2010

THE Exoti-Q!

Last night was the night! This was our second in a series of
"A Night Out"
events and for this event our master chef, Dave Bowers, prepared a fun filled evening of interesting items all grilled to perfection. Yes we ate skewered ostrich, alligator sausage, strips of bison, delicately prepared frogs legs and of course for the slightly squeamish we had chicken and scallops wrapped in bacon.

Wow what a night! Everyone had a great time, ate tons and the conversations went on for hours. The party finally broke up after 9:00! Stay tuned for the next event scheduled for mid July.


Marlene, Russell and Ruth Anne

Poolside with the Chef (or is it Crocodile Dundee?)

A poolside toast by the Master Chef!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fashion Forward/ Design Innovator!

Lori Weitzer Design!

Lori Weitzer is a true artist- in every sense of the definition. She takes simple inspirations and turns them into masterpieces.

So who is Lori Weitzner?

Lori Weitzner, principal and creative director of her own New York-based firm, has achieved international renown with designs that cross a multitude of disciplines. A sophisticated color palette, intricate dimensional textures and a lyrical, painterly approach to pattern characterize Weitzner’s distinctively stylish creations. Whether in the filed of textiles, wall coverings, passementerie, dinnerware, packaging, rugs, bedding, fashion accessories, paper goods or healthcare products, her aim is to create high quality design that appeals to a broad range of markets.

In 2004 she launched Weiztner Limited, offering innovative furnishings for the wall to designers worldwide. An award winning line that combines extraordinary design with uncommon materials to create innovative new products—including a number of which that are environmentally conscious.

Where the masterpieces are created!

“Our "white box sanctuary" in downtown Manhattan gives us the light and breathing space in which to create alchemy. Here is where our energy is on full display; where we transform inspiration into the materials that challenge our clients’ perceptions of what a wallcovering, textile, trim, or rug can be. We are all artists, albeit old fashioned in our approach--everything must originate from the hand.” States Lori Weitzer Design.

In 2004 she launched Weiztner Limited, offering innovative furnishings for the wall to designers worldwide. An award winning line that combines extraordinary design with uncommon materials to create innovative new products—including a number of which that are environmentally conscious.

She creates products that can be manipulated and designed to be applied in any way a designer wishes to use them.

She is an Innovator!

This is a linen wallcovering that has a magnetic backing. No more ugly push pins!

“We like to challenge our clients’ perception of what a wallcovering can be by creating innovative materials that evoke curiosity, calm and beauty. Then we add environmental consciousness and performance (class A ratings) into the mix.” – states Lori Weitzner.

Recycled newspaper meets the catwalk and our walls!

Nimbus meets the catwalk and our interiors!

Made from sustainably harvested tree bark, Nimbus is a handmade, organic open web that draws its texture directly from the South American fig tree from which it is made.

Other Fabulous wallcoverings!

Come see all of these in person at Schelfe and Associates!

Or follow Lori at

- Mary-Grace

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An Exoti-Q!

OK, do I have your curiosity???

SO, what's an Exoti-Q!
Schelfe and Associates is proud to present our second event:

"A Night Out"

Over the past several months S&A has partnered with
Palczuk Scarbrough & Assoc. to create and plan a one of a kind Triangle event that brings the movers and shakers of the Triangle together for a fun evening of incredible food, great spirits and lots of fun. "A Night Out" this month also includes a new partner joining the team; Cresa Partners . This event will surely be a memorable occasion for years to come.
Check it out:

n original BBQ of fun fare including ostrich, alligator, vegetarian and of course chicken too!

The event being held
this Thursday evening is by invitation only and will be held at a magnificent Italian Style home in North Raleigh. Professional Chef, Dave Bowers will prepare, cook and entertain our guests for a fun filled evening.

We'll let you now how the ostrich went down.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Maitland Smith Design Competition

During the 2010 Spring Furniture Market in High Point, NC, Maitland-Smith furniture celebrated their 30th anniversary by sponsoring a new exciting design competition called: "ONE Singularly Crafted For You". The ONE Design Competition invited participants to create a signature piece of furniture, lighting or decorative accessory using one of more than 500 silhouettes available through Maitland-Smith's ONE Customization program.

"The ONE program truly embodies Maitland-Smith's approach to craftsmanship - to creating unique, heirloom-quality pieces that make a statement in every room," said Dan Bradley, the company's president. "We want designers to experiment with the tool and realize just how attainable a signature piece of furniture really is." Tim Schelfe was highly honored to be asked to help judge this competition.

Pictured below from left to right:
Dan Bradley (president of Maitland Smith) Sandy Hankins & Cecilia Staniec (two of the winners) and two of the judges Mark McMenamin, Sr. Editor at Interior Design magazine and Tim Schelfe, ASID.

Check out Maitland Smith at

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Inspirations. volume 1
What inspires you?
This month we begin a new journey. This journey will explore our inner self and will search for what truly inspires us as creative beings and as purveyors of style and design. Why do we do what we do? Is it our need to create order out of chaos? Is it because we feel the need to provide balance and harmony in our lives and in our surroundings?

Come with us as we explore Inspirations!

I often look to history for inspiration and no one has ever done it better than Michelangelo! One of his masterpieces is the Lauretian Library tucked in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. I have visited this historic city and Michelangelo's talents are scattered everywhere. The stairs of the Lauretian Library present a masterful stroke of brilliance in bringing form and function into a work of beauty. Inspiration from a master, what could be better??? Enjoy...