Monday, August 10, 2009

April's Angels

Twelve weeks ago I was excited to volunteer as a team member for the April’s Angels organization, which is a wonderful children’s charity located in North Carolina. April’s Angels is a non-profit organization that serves Wake and surrounding counties in NC by creating fantasy bedrooms for children with chronic illness. Their mission is to bring new life into the homes of families with children whose activities outside the home are limited due to illness. These rooms encourage the children to follow their dreams, despite the limitations chronic illness tries to place on them, and create an environment that improves the family’s ability to take care of their child’s needs.

Caroline Walker, Sarah Foster and I were the team captains for the bedroom makeover of a young girl named Hayley. Hayley has already endured 16 surgeries in her young life, yet she continues to be an uplifting, positive girl. Due to her illness she cannot participate in much physical activity, so she is at home a lot and mostly spending time in her bedroom on her bed.

We were given the task to coordinate a “dream” team to help create the fantasy bedroom makeover for Hayley. We worked many weeks to make her fantasy bedroom a reality. Our team of volunteers were given a weekend to install the room while Hayley was out of town. The BIG reveal to Hayley and her family was on Sunday, August 2nd.

Here are some before & after photos:
Before photos:

After Photos:

Here is a link to WRAL news clip which captured Hayley’s reaction:

The following is a list of our fabulous team members:
-Ruth Anne Schelfe
-Tim Schelfe
-Cathy Hobbes w/ CH Design Group Inc.
-Michelle California-Aguiar w/ Can Decorative Painting
-Martha Brown
-Elizabeth Klosterman

The following is a list of our extraordinary volunteers and contributors:
-Brian Humphries w/ Stanley Furniture
-James Bass w/ Statewide Wallcoverings
-Laura Stafford w/ PSA
-Meagan Sams w/ House of Lights of Cary, Inc.
-Gerry Woodyard w/ Koroseal
-Davide Aguiar w/ Can Decorative Painting
-Cathy Hobbes w/ CH Design Group Inc.
-John Henderson w/ Fuquay Floor To Ceiling
-Patrick Medlin
-Andrew Dail
-Drew Hulse

Team Photo:

Top Left to Right: James, Marlene, Hayley Sarah & Caroline
Bottom Left to Right: Drew & Patrick

This was an awesome experience! I hope Hayley enjoys her room for many years to come!

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