Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Room with a VIEW!

The Willis Tower (formerly The Sears Tower) in Chicago has what I think may be the best view of Chicago!
For those faint at heart stop here....

Last month while visiting Chicago I had the pleasure of taking my kids to the SkyDeck level of the Willis Tower, yes the 103rd floor.  Although this is our second visit to the tower in 3 years this time we were there to see and experience the new Glass Sky Boxes the tower now has.  YES you read right; on the 103rd floor you can literally walk on air (at least is seems like you are).  You can walk out onto a 2" thick glass floor surrounded by equally thick glass walls and a glass ceiling and look straight down to the street below, just 103 stories straight down!

I have to admit it took me some time before I ventured out, but once I did the view and sensation is incredible.

So next time you're in Chicago, stop on by and test your metal at the 103rd floor!

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