Monday, January 4, 2010

Raleigh coming alive!!!

This New Years I stayed in Raleigh and experienced my first ever "First Night Raleigh". Yep, I headed downtown with my wife and kids and experienced bringing in the New Year, Raleigh Style!

It was a blast and I am so excited about the re-birth of this city. Raleigh has come a long way and the re-opening and re-design of Fayetteville Street City Plaza will hopefully foster even more excitement and growth. New restaurants, shops and museums now dot the downtown area. People are not only traveling downtown for fun but for living as well. The RBC tower has led a big push in the redevelopment of downtown Raleigh as a place not only to work and play but also a place to live.

If you have a chance spend a day or weeknight downtown in the new Raleigh!

Enjoy! - Tim

Fayetteville Street Fireworks

Artist Rendering of City Plaza

Artist Rendering of Fayetteville Street

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