Sunday, February 22, 2009

Color, Color Everywhere!

As I drive down highway 85, finding nothing on the radio, I look to my surroundings to excite the mundane drive recognizing beautiful colors all around me. The blue February skies of North Carolina can be initially flat, however when the sky silhouettes the green trees in front of them the blue backdrop becomes piercingly bright.

Color can be found in nature we see outside as well as the nature we see in our kitchens.
One of my most favorite ingredients to cook with is the red onion. Not only does this crisp flavorful ingredient add an extra zing to any dish but the vibrant colors can be an inspirational palette to almost any space.
We are surrounded by beautiful and inspirational colors every day. These inspirational colors can be a great way to uplift our spirits in a down economy through the exploration of new paint selection, fabrics or both!

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